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Inspire Impact

Welcome to Inspire Impact: Mastering Sustainability and Innovation in Agri-Food!

Course information


The course is open to participants of Inspire Schools


The course fee is 250 EUR, however all successful participants of the Inspire Schools the Inspire Impact fee is going to be waived.

Unlock Prizes and Prestige! : Are you ready to revolutionize the agri-food sector and become a leader in creating positive societal change?

Join us in this transformative journey where you'll foster an entrepreneurial mindset, hone your analytical skills, and develop strategies to tackle sustainability challenges head-on.

Our course is designed to be the final stage of your entrepreneurial journal under Inspire Programmes, focusing on their mission-led approach to address the pressing issues of our food systems. Throughout the programme, you will:

  1. Foster Innovation: Learn to think innovatively within the agri-food sector, addressing current and future challenges in alignment with EIT Food's mission.
  2. Address Sustainability: Dive deep into sustainability challenges, aligning with EIT Food's missions for healthier lives, a net-zero food system, and a fair & resilient food system 
  3. Create Societal Impact: Develop strategies to mobilize resources effectively, creating sustainable value and driving societal impact.

By the end of the Inspire Impact, participants will be able to:

  1. Create solutions to address current and future challenges of the food sector.
  2. Design responses to address sustainability challenges in the food sector.
  3. Develop strategies to mobilise and leverage resources to create sustainable value and create societal impact.

Intended Learning Outcomes :

  • Food Systems: Strategize responses to sustainability issues and food security, paving the way for future collaborations and ventures.
  • Entrepreneurship: Understand stakeholder engagement's importance, designing strategies for sustainable value and societal impact.

What you'll learn : Taught by academics and food industry experts

Food systems

Develop strategies and responses to sustainability issues, food security, and addressing the impact of food systems on the environment, potentially leading to future collaborations and ventures.


Understand the importance of inclusive dialogue and stakeholder engagement in transforming food systems and design strategies and solusions to create sustainable value and societal impact.

Eligibility criteria : Who can participate?

To enroll in the Inspire Impact course, candidates must have satisfactorily completed the relevant Inspire School programme.

This criterion ensures that participants possess an understanding of entrepreneurship and food systems linkages, laying the groundwork for meaningful contributions to make an impact on food systems. 

We seek individuals who are committed to personal growth, community engagement, and driving positive change. If you've successfully concluded any Inspire School, you're already on the path to becoming a catalyst for impactful leadership. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey together!

Final Assessment : Important information!

  1. Put your skills to the test with a group project pitch, assessed against a standardized rubric covering key criteria such as challenge identification, solution proposition, business strategy, market analysis, and pitch delivery. 
  2. Enrol for a session to present your pitch! 
  • Restorative Aquaculture
  • Digital Technologies in the Food System
  • Circular AgriFood
  • RIS HealthySoil4Life
  • RIS Deep Tech in Regenerative Agriculture
  • RIS Sustainable Food Production and Consumption
  1. The winners of each session will present their project during the Inspire Impact Grand Finale in December 2024, gain recognition and compete for the final prize!

Are you ready to Inspire Impact? Enrol now and become a catalyst for change in the agri-food sector!

Complete the Inspire Impact course and stand a chance to win big!

As a testament to your dedication and mastery, you'll receive an official proof of completion from an EIT Labeled course, showcasing your expertise in sustainability and innovation within the agri-food sector.

But that's just the beginning! The winning team of our group project pitch will be catapulted into the limelight, with exclusive opportunities awaiting:

🌟 1st Place:

  • Secure a seat on the Jury Panel for the prestigious Inspire.Explore.Compete EIT Food Championship, where you'll witness groundbreaking innovations firsthand.
  • Take center stage at the international event PitchMeBaby, presenting your winning idea to a global audience hungry for change.
  • Claim the ultimate prize with a cash award of €4000, celebrating your hard work and innovative spirit.

🥈 2nd Place:

  • Garner recognition as a top contender, earning a cash prize of €2000 to fuel your future endeavors.

🥉 3rd Place:

  • Stand tall on the podium with a cash prize of €1000, acknowledging your commitment to sustainable change.

Don't miss this chance to not only make an impact but also reap the rewards of your dedication. Enroll now in Inspire Impact and seize your opportunity to shine!

Structure & Modules : Course Structure

Our Canvas course offers comprehensive learning modules, complemented by weekly 120-minute Q&A Student Clinic sessions. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for mentoring and collective learning, where a panel of experts guides you through challenges and offers direct feedback. Plus, peer-to-peer feedback fosters a collaborative learning environment.

The course fee is 250 EUR, however all successful participants of the Inspire Schools the Inspire Impact fee is going to be waived.

Programme Lead :

Magdalena Marczewska

Magdalena Marczewska

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

Partners : In collaboration with


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Aarhus University

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University of Warsaw

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Scottish Association for Marine Science

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Building Global Innovators

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Queen's University of Belfast

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University of Bologna

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ASOMI College of Sciences

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