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The EIT Food Education Competency Framework

Based on our extensive experience in food industry and innovation, we have defined 8 specific competencies needed to transform the food system.

In short

The EIT Food Competency Framework identifies the key competencies and capabilities required for innovators and entrepreneurs to possess to drive effective change in the food system. Each of these consisting out of four competency levels. Ranging from exploring the foundations of the skill, to possessing the ability to positively transform the food system as we know it.

Combining these competences and levels makes it possible for professionals to advance their careers in the agri-food sector and to guarantee the quality of their education.

EIT Food Education as the standard for Food systems education

EIT Food Learning is an internationally recognised mark of excellence in professional education via a competency-based approach to professional education for the food system. We aim to create innovators who can drive practical impact—equipping the brightest minds all over Europe and beyond with the skills and knowledge the food system needs to create a sustainable food system with affordable food for all that is produced in fair and equitable ways.

Rooted in sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of all competencies, and so also at EIT Food's competency framework. Our competencies are oriented around three key elements that guide the framework to contribute to food system transformation:

  • Promoting healthier lives through food.
  • Striving for a net-zero food system that prevents biodiversity loss.
  • Fostering a fully transparent, fair, inclusive, and resilient food supply.

Eight food system competencies

All competencies are rooted in Sustainability, and divided in two types of capabilities. Within the two types, four main groups of activities appear.

Four levels of competency

For each competency, there are four levels of mastery. Each more involved than the last.

Discover how you score within the framework

Put your skills to the test and find out how you score on the EIT Food Competency Framework. Together we'll identify and acquire new food sector skills to enhance your professional education and advance your or your team’s career in the agri-food sector. 

Interested to know how your courses could fit within the framework?

We strive to provide our learners with only the best possible training in the sector. To ensure the quality of our programmes, our training providers are all accredited with the EIT Label, ensuring learners of the quality of the courses and programmes featured in our EIT Food course catalogue.

So let's work together and help us create a positive impact on the food sector.