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Develop your workforce

As a leader in the food industry, you want to be in the driver's seat of a sustainable change in the food system. Together, we can develop and nurture the right skills and competencies in your workforce and help grow your organisation toward a more sustainable future.

Our value to organisations

Upskill & reskill your team

Calibrate the different skill levels in your team and enhance your workforce’s competencies based on your employer needs.

Drive real impact

Inspire your team to drive true impact and radical innovations for your organisation to become a leading innovator.

Technical and underpinning skills training

Empower your workforce with comprehensive technical and foundational skills training.

Line Management practices

Enhance your Line Management practices and ensure a better alignment with your team’s role requirements.

Our value to HR professionals

Enhance your recruitment process

Learn how to validate impactful skills and competencies on a CV and select the right professionals for your organisation.

Integrate professional standards

Enforce your HR practices with professional standards, focused mainly around innovation competencies.

Get access to HR scans

Use our HR scans and self scans to assess your and your employees’ skills and competencies.

Why develop your workforce with us?

  • Skills platform

EIT Food functions as an integrator between individual learners, employers, organisations, professional bodies and higher education and our accredited training providers. By developing extensive services and customizable learning paths, we allow our learners to focus on enhancing the skills that align with their passions, interests and growth and career goals.

  • Professional standard for professional education

Based on extensive research and collaborations with professionals and experts in the food industry, we've created our Learning Foundation. Our array of programmes and courses centres around 8 critically needed competencies in the Food Industry – or the Competency Framework – whilst setting a new Professional Standard marked by the prestigious EIT Label. Our mission is to transform the Food Industry, enabling the brightest minds across Europe and beyond to create sustainable and affordable food in an ethical and fair manner.

Ready to start developing your workforce?

Discover our course catalogue with accredited training programmes and start developing and nurturing the right skills and competencies in your workforce.