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AT EIT Food, we only want the best for our learners. That’s why our training providers are accredited with the EIT Label, ensuring learners that the courses and programmes featured in our EIT Food course catalogue meet only the highest standards in this competitive sector. 

Work with us in creating the latest innovative courses for the brightest minds and help us create a positive impact on the food sector.

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Training and accreditation

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Our impact

22 900+​ Learners in our skill-based programmes

230000+​ Learners in our MOOC’s​

33 Startups created

EIT Community

EIT Food is proud to be part of the EIT Community, a collaborative network formed by the EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

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Deep Tech Talent Initiative

Will train one million Europeans in deep tech skills and entrepreneurship by 2025.

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Ecotrophelia achieves the goal of bringing together students, teachers, researchers and professionals of the food sector in a network to think about tomorrow’s eco-innovative food products

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