Welcome to EIT Food Learning Services

Welcome to EIT Food Learning Services

Welcome to EIT Food Learning Services



Welcome to EIT Food Learning Services

The aim of EIT Food Learning Services, together with EIT Food Assessment is to professionalise innovation practices across all food systems sectors (agrifood, manufacturing, retail, horeca) and evidence advancement of competencies of its workforce through the establishment of an internationally recognised mark of excellence in professional education delivered by innovative methodologies. Together we will achieve this through:

  • Accreditation of education delivery through the EIT Food Learning Services for any training provided at EQF levels 4-8, and;
  • Certification of learner achievement through EIT Food Assessment.

Our vision for training excellence across the sector is realised through the implementation of rigorous quality management systems, overseen and approved by independent experts for the accreditation of courses, and of certification which is in line with ISO 17024 guidelines.

It will guarantee that every certified learner and every course and programme carrying the EIT food quality mark of excellence in teaching & learning meets a genuine sector-evidenced need for competencies development whose content and delivery ensure educational quality and rigour.

Professional Standard for Professional Education

EIT Food Learning and Assessment is positioned to become an internationally recognised mark of excellence in professional education via a competency-based approach to professional education for the food system.

We aim to create innovators who can drive practical impact—equipping the brightest minds all over Europe and beyond with the skills and knowledge the food system needs to create a sustainable food system with affordable food for all that is produced in fair and equitable ways.

Our pathway to impact focuses on addressing food system challenges designed to drive societal impact, support EU strategies, and create economic impact by having a highly skilled workforce and providing more and better-qualified jobs across food systems.

Accreditation and certification of professional education and training is a core part of our vision to professionalise the agrifood system and provide a robust, relevant and recognised programme of lifelong learning for learners and employers.

To achieve this, we have developed a professional standard for professional education, providing learners with a dual accreditation and certification approach providing robust, relevant and recognised programmes.

  • Robust in learning design – harnessing the latest thinking in teaching & learning
  • Relevant to careers of learners
  • Recognition of employee skills and competencies through the Learning Skills competency framework.

The Learning competency framework sets the standard for developing and enhancing specific competencies. It offers a clear vocational and professional pathway via our portfolio of accredited courses and programmes for learners to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge required to aid their careers as innovators and entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector.

We do not set out standards in isolation. We use internationally recognised guidelines and frameworks and exploit international networks to define a robust accreditation process with relevant educational values.

This standard uses several reference points in developing generic and subject-specific accreditation criteria.  In addition, we have consulted with professional bodies, apprenticeship organisations and academic institutions from across Europe and drawn on their experiences to define the EIT Food Competency Framework, which identifies the competencies and capabilities required by our accredited courses and programmes.

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