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EIT Food Education Celebrates Impact Milestones: Empowering Learners and Farmers Worldwide

News • 18 Apr 2024 • 6 minutes read
In a testament to its commitment to empower the brightest minds all over Europe and beyond, arming them with skills and expertise, to drive innovation and positive change in the food industry, EIT Food Education proudly announces…

Paola's fast lane from business idea to co-founder and manager of a pioneering food start-up, with products on supermarket shelves.

Testimonial • 17 Apr 2024 • 5 minutes read
Paola Varela, from Mexico, tells us about the impact of the Food Solutions Programme on her journey as an entrepreneur, operating at the intersection of social entrepreneurship and bioeconomy. 

EIT Food at the forefront of the agri-food transformation

News • 09 Apr 2024 • 8 minutes read
The agri-food ecosystem is one of the 14 key industrial ecosystems identified in the EU's Industrial Strategy. This strategy announced the co-creation of transition pathways with stakeholders to help accelerate the green and digital…

European Research Project, READJUST, Launches to Tackle Inequalities in Europe’s Green and Digital Future

News • 02 Apr 2024 • 4 minutes read
Multi-million Euro research initiative investigates policies and develops solutions to mitigate unintended negative consequences of the twin transition.

Are you an employer in the Food Sector seeking to recruit new talent?

News • 26 Mar 2024 • 5 minutes read
Then connect with our EIT Food Talent and reach out to us!

What are the key skills needed for navigating today's trends in the Food Production and Agriculture landscape?

News • 25 Mar 2024 • 5 minutes read
Tap into the potential of Digital Innovation and DeepTech courses offered by EITCampus & EIT Food Education!Source : blogpost EIT Campus - Author: Pamela Pokorny, Programme Manager Digital Learning Unit, EIT Food Education

How Clara went from a hands-on internship with RIS Fellowships to a broad role at international bakery products group Puratos. With ongoing involvement in the EIT Food Network, even as Mentor for other students and Jury Member for Food Solutions Programme

Testimonial • 21 Mar 2024 • 4 minutes read
RIS Fellowships is designed for Master of Science students and graduates. As a participant, you get the chance to apply your academic knowledge during an internship in the food industry. Clara Lledo Morell, from Spain, tells us about her…

Gianluca's well packed journey since winning one of our Food Solutions Programmes. Reusing crab shells waste for Sustainable Food Packaging

Testimonial • 20 Mar 2024 • 6 minutes read
Following 2 EIT Food Education and 1 Entrepreneurship Programme, being part of the winning team creating their startup, Assistant at University of Aarhus, landing a job at the European Food Safety Authority, at the Food Ingredients and…

From PhD student to CEO Revo Foods: Robin's remarkable entrepreneurial journey since completing the Global Food Venture Programme. Saving the marine ecosystem with plant-based alternative seafood

Testimonial • 18 Mar 2024 • 4 minutes read
Robin Simsa, from Austria,  participated in GFVP in 2020 and is now CEO and co-founder of Revo Foods, a fast-growing company offering plant-based fish alternatives. 

BanaBooms - unveiling the story of Food Solutions students - Where brilliant ideas land on supermarket shelves! Reducing Food Waste: Breakfast cereal made from bananas.

Testimonial • 13 Mar 2024 • 6 minutes read
BanaBooms creators Ines Kutzli and Inna Zhuravlova  took part in our Food Solutions 2018,  where they developed a breakfast cereal  made from surplus bananas to reduce food waste. They are an excellent example of how great ideas  are being…

Calling all women leaders : Challenge the masculine leadership model!

News • 12 Mar 2024 • 7 minutes read
Myth-busting interview with Dr Shima Barakat, WE Lead Food Programme Lead, our leadership programme for women in the food industry.

Bianca's breakthrough: revolutionizing Innovation & Commercialisation at Rothamsted Research, following our WE Lead Food Programme. Identification of 78 IP assets with potential for commercial exploitation.

Testimonial • 12 Mar 2024 • 5 minutes read
The WE Lead Food Programme enabled me to visualise the changes required to improve our tech transfer activities and create a clear plan to test our assumptions and develop a new type of intervention that would allow our team to become more…