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Learn with EIT Food

EIT Food strives to provide individual learners, professionals and businesses with industry-leading learning services. Equipping these bright minds with the right skills and knowledge to drive positive change in the Food Industry.

Why learn with EIT Food?

Expert instructors and institutions

Learn from industry-leading experts and academics with deep experience in agrifood and food systems. Gain valuable insights and skills to excel in your field.

Learn with EIT Food

Cutting-edge curriculum

Stay up to date with the latest advancements and trends in the agrifood and food systems industry. Explore sustainable agriculture, food safety, supply chain management, and mire.

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Networking opportunities

Connect with professionals, industry leaders, and fellow students through our catalogue. Build valuable relationships and collaborations for exciting career prospects and partnerships.

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Value for individual learners

Benchmarking & evidence

Obtain concrete evidence and benchmarks to showcase your professional development in your learning portfolio.

International recognised certificates

Acquire internationally recognized certificates that validate your acquired competencies and skills in the ever-changing food industry.

Enhanced employability

Gain a competitive edge over other food professionals and boost your employability in the agri-food sector.

Why learn with us?

  • Food industry focus

At EIT Food, we work to create a comprehensive understanding of the entire food system. We do this by combining insights from various fields such as food science, distribution, innovation, sustainability, and many more. 

  • International network

EIT Food brings together the brightest minds, offering our learners the unique opportunity to connect with food experts from all over. Learners not only become part of our alumni community, but also develop a global perspective on the food industry. Setting them up for international exposure, networking and career opportunities.

  • Real impact driven & hands-on learning

Based on real-world challenges and learning-by-doing, our programmes and courses are designed to prepare learners for challenges they encounter in their careers. We do this by giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and to apply their new knowledge to real-life scenarios. 

  • International recognised certification

After successfully completing a course, learners are awarded certificates to validate their new set of skills and competencies. Granted by an independent authority, these certificates prove the learner’s ability to design and implement innovations to drive change in the food industry to organisations and potential employers.

Competency Framework as the solid foundation

The EIT Food Competency Framework identifies the key competencies and capabilities required for innovators and entrepreneurs to possess to drive effective change in the food system. Each of these consisting out of four competency levels. Ranging from exploring the foundations of the skill, to possessing the ability to positively transform the food system as we know it.

Combining these competences and levels makes it possible for professionals to advance their careers in the agri-food sector and to guarantee the quality of their education.

Line Mielby Innovator Fellowship 2023
“I appreciated the high level of the speeches and the support of different mentors, they gave us multiple perspectives to analyse our idea, and a great motivation not to give up and to develop a real, viable project.”
Line Mielby, Dep. of Food Science, Food Quality Perception & Society - Aarhus University (Participant Innovator Fellowship)

Are you ready to join our network of bright minds and start making a difference in the food industry?