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Co-shape & deliver mission-driven skill development

Collaborate with the pan-European skills platform to drive Food Systems Transformation!


EIT Food Funded Projects

Discover our accredited courses and training programmes. Whether you’re looking to level-up your own skillset or develop your workforce. Assess your skills and those of your team’s and get tailored course recommendations. 

Explore our array of courses and programmes!

Impact Funding Framework through a Mission-led approach

EIT Food’s new Impact Funding Framework enables a competitive, open approach to commissioning projects and programmes to deliver impact for food systems transformation in innovative ways through ambitious, long-term collaborations.

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EU Projects

Find more on how we collaborate with European Union projects

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How can you engage with us​

EIT Funded projects

Collaboration ​opportunities

For Universities:​

- Provide and/or acquire content on all the EIT Food Education Competencies: Technology Management, Data Management, Food Systems, Entrepreneurship, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Communication. Find out more at

- Build innovation capacities as an institution and thought leadership through the HEI Initiative (

- Become a certified training provider ​- EIT Label

For Industry:

- Support commercialization​ for entrepreneurial ideas

- Provide case studies and innovation challenges ​

- Provide internships and support to theses and post-docs​

Reach out to us via if you are interested.

Future-proofing your Workforce​

Tap into our Competency Framework and expertise to propel your organisation forward​

Access tailored training modules to enhance your employees' entrepreneurship and innovation skills and competencies​

Provide your employees with internationally recognized certifications

The EIT Food Education Competency Framework

Get early access to insights & talents

- Get early access to innovative ideas coming from talented programme participants​

- Get access to talents​

- Career services​

- Drive innovation further and get valuable insights through our farmers' community​

- Drawing on insights on skills gap and market analysis​

Get early access to insights & talents