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Pathways to Impact for PhDs

Doctoral Programme for entrepreneurial PhD students!

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From the 10th of October until the 26th of November of 2023

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About : For PhD students

Pathways to Impact of EIT Food will provide an introduction and starting tools on how to change the world by using your PhD research. Join us, if you are motivated to:

  • Learn how to change the world using your research
  • Get an introduction to technology commercialisation
  • Dive into EIT Food network of leading academic & industry partners
  • Bring entrepreneurial skills into your work & boost your future career

With our course, you will be able to :

  • Evaluate your entrepreneurial skills
  • Communicate how you create value & impact society with your research
  • Gain skills and mindset to modify your pitches for different occasions
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the nine building blocks of the Business Model Canvas

This programme is for Talented PhD students from across Europe and globally.

Career Opportunities : Improve your employability

The entrepreneurial skills you will gain will improve your employability, benefit your research funding or help you get inspired in creating a spin-out from your PhD research. As this course will teach you how to take a complex research concept, like your PhD, and formulate it into clear value propositions that can be used in your grant applications, for potential investors, and in the engagement with any other stakeholders.

What you'll learn : This programme is for you!


  • Create opportunities for social and environmental value creation.
  • Mobilise resources to create sustainable value for others.
  • Design and implement effective actions to deliver impact.

Problem solving

  • Appraise the problem space to identify current and future needs.
  • Mobilise effective methodologies to generate new ideas.
  • Appraise the validity of new ideas and co-create sustainable solutions.

Critical thinking

  • Collect, analyse, interpret and report information to develop sustainable solutions to current and future challenges.
  • Appraise unintended consequences of any course of action to devise ethical goals.


  • Identify, engage with and respond honestly to stakeholder needs.
  • Develop strategies to deliver effective inclusive communications approaches.
  • Translate complex ideas for different audiences.

Food systems

  • Analyse the food system using a range of systems approaches to appraise current and future sustainability challenges.
  • Implement innovative responses to address sustainability challenges in the food system.

Structure & Modules : Will be trained by top EIT Food partners coming from higher education institutions

Our online entrepreneurship learning is fully interactive and enables you to engage with our top-notch trainers and mentors. Pathways to Impact will not only give you access to our excellent resources, food experts, pitch trainer and coaches, but will also allow you to become part of the inspiring EIT Food community.

Next to our online interactive workshops and one-on-one sessions, the asynchronous training allows for a great flexibility and the comfort to learn at times and from locations that suit you and from your own home or workplace.


This course will provide an introduction and starting tools on how to change the world by using your PhD research.

You will be trained by top EIT Food partners coming from higher education institutions like Cambridge University, Technical University of Munich and Aarhus University, whose expertise lies in entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialisation of academic research.

Throughout the course we will focus on following KEY TOPICS:

Pathways to Impact, Ideation, Entrepreneurs Cases, Market scoping, Problem/Solution fit, Commercialization of Innovation, IP protection, Research Impact CANVAS, Business Model CANVAS, Funding for researchers, Evaluating & Communicating your impact, Practice pitching & appreciate feedback. Additionally, you will be offered a unique mentoring experience by EIT Food partners, who will support you with your research impact creation.


  • You will have access to five (5) Asynchronous Modules with small assignments on the EIT Food
  • education learning platform CANVAS.
  • You will receive one-on-one mentoring over 5 weeks, from partners that have vast experience in
  • supporting PhDs acquiring entrepreneurial skills.
  • You will participate in a series of synchronous workshops so that you do not feel alone in your
  • journey.
  • You will have the experience of pitching your PhD towards the end of the course in front of an
  • expert panel and receive feedback from judges and peers.

Check the agenda by clicking on this link.


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