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New Product Development Training “NPD Skills”

Learn through experience. Apply for the ON-SITE SPRING EDITION!

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Professionals from RIS countries


Open soon for the ON-SITE SPRING EDITION

Courses within the “NPD Skills” Training : 6 courses in 2024

The NPD Skills Training is structured around six distinct courses, designed for food sector professionals from RIS countries, each dedicated to the field of new product development within the food industry, focusing on its practical application. You can apply for any number of courses, the choice is yours!

Project Management in New Product Development:

  • Learn how to create and execute New Product Development projects for effective food product creation.

Consumer-centric approach and design thinking in New Product Development:

  • Develop skills and tools to facilitate food concept and design creation responding to current consumer needs.

Functional food: theory and practice:

  • Discover the principles of functional food design, with special attention to health-promoting values, to create competitive advantages in the market and address market needs.

Sensory evaluation and its role in food product design:

  • Apply sensory evaluation tools and methods to create and/or reformulate food products and successfully respond to consumer needs.

Technology management for New Product Development:

  • Comprehend the role of innovative technology involved in various stages of the new food product development process aligned with IPRs and business objectives.

New Product Development in a VUCA world:

  • Analyse the influence of new global food safety, security, and sustainability challenges in the agri-food industry and learn how to respond to them accordingly.

Advantages : Unique opportunity to learn through experience

The NPD Training is a unique opportunity to learn through experience, meet professionals working in the food industry, and expand knowledge in the field of new product development.

Join us and:

  • Develop your NPD skills by learning through experience!
  • Learn how to create and execute New Product Development projects!
  • Understand the principles of design thinking in the consumer-driven NPD process and apply them in practice!
  • Discover how to handle competing project requirements and constraints!
  • Develop skills to create innovative food product concepts responding to current consumer needs and market trends!
  • Network and share your experiences with directors, managers, researchers, scientists, and other experts working in the agri-food industry!
  • Get a Proof of Successful Completion!
  • Gain new knowledge on NPD in the food industry, apply it in practice, and make a difference!

NPD Skills Training in 2024

  1. March 2024

    Online spring edition

    - Consumer-centric approach & design thinking in NPD (March 12 & 13, 2024)

    - Project Management in New Product Development (March 19 & 20, 2024)

  2. May 2024

    On-site spring edition

    - Sensory evaluation and its role in food product design (May 20th 2024)

    - Functional food: theory and practice (May 21th 2024)

Partners : In collaboration with

University of Warsaw

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Aarhus University

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Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

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Programme Lead :

Aneta Rzeszut-Pawlak

Aneta Rzeszut-Pawlak

EIT Food NPD Skills Training Project Specialist Connect on LinkeIn
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