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Science Communication and Public Engagement

Discover the importance of public engagement in science, and learn techniques to share and raise awareness of your research.

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3 weeks

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2 hours


100% online


This course is free for 3 weeks, from the moment you start.

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About : Define your message and share your findings through social and traditional media.

Good science communication ensures the public engage with and understand relevant scientific research. On this course, you will learn how best to share your science findings with your intended audience.

You’ll explore how the relationship between society and science has evolved over time, and find out how traditional and social media can be used to share research. You’ll learn to identify your target audience and define your message to build a shareable story.

You’ll also discover guidelines for working with journalists, and how to host small events to share information with the public.

The course is designed for scientists and researchers who wish to communicate the results and theory of their field(s) of study to the public.

This includes graduate and postgraduate students, academic staff of all career levels, and scientists not working in academia.

Advantages :

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Design small-scale public science communication events
  • Reflect on the role of traditional and social media in the communication of science
  • Improve your science communication activities by clearly identifying the target audiences, messages and stories

Structure & Modules : What are you going to learn over 3 weeks?

Week 1: Introduction to science communication and public engagement

  • Why science communication?
  • Let's get started: goal and audience

Week 2: Finding your message and delivering it

  • Creating your message
  • Delivering your message

Week 3: Communicating through journalists and institutional initiatives

  • Journalism and science
  • Institutional aspects of science communication

Partners : Where can you find this course?

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