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Deeptech Revolution in the AgroFood (DRAF)

Transformative learning journey in agrifood technologies

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About : Delve into the cutting-edge applications of deep tech in the agrifood sector

The primary aim of this educational activity is to delve into the cutting-edge applications of deep tech in the agrifood sector, especially emphasizing the digital twin ecosystem and its capacity to reshape the future of food systems. Organized across four distinct RIS nations, this series aims to empower local professionals, budding entrepreneurs, and academically inclined youths with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of agrifood tech.

This programme is for:

  1. PhDs & Researchers;
  2. Professionals;
  3. Food Retailers;
  4. Aspiring Entrepreneurs (including Bachelor and Master students)

Benefits and Impact on Participants :

  1. Empowerment: Participants will be better equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive change within their respective domains, be it research, business, or policy-making.
  2. Economic Growth: Deep tech applications in agrifood can lead to new business models, job creation, and market expansion, offering economic benefits to the region.
  3. Improved Food Systems: In the long run, the adoption of innovative solutions can lead to healthier, more sustainable, and transparent food systems benefiting consumers and the environment.

Structure & Modules : 4 half-day workshops

On-site or synchronous online in the local language:

  • Malta - A2T-DTS - Advancing Agri-Food Technologies with Digital Twin Solutions
  • Italy - Microbiome as enabler for a sustainable development in the food system
  • Poland - Deep Tech
  • Ukraine - The use of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of food production

Career Opportunities : Short-Term Change Resulting from the Activity Implementation

  1. Capacity Building: Immediate enhancement of knowledge and skills among participants on the application of deep tech in the agrifood sector. This will be evident through their active participation, project submissions, and evaluations after the workshops.
  2. Network Expansion: Creation of a diverse network of professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the RIS countries who are invested in leveraging deep tech for sustainable food systems. The workshops will provide a platform for these stakeholders to collaborate, exchange ideas, and potentially initiate joint projects.
  3. Raised Awareness: Elevate the profile of deep tech's role in achieving EIT Food's mission, leading to a more informed and engaged agrifood community.

Partners : In collaboration with

ASOMI College of Sciences

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University of Turin

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Tech StartUp School

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Programme Leader :

Valter Pagani

Valter Pagani

Head Research Department, Asomi College of Sciences (ACS) Connect on LinkeIn
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