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The importance of skills development in the Food Sector!

In our journey to revolutionise the Food System into a beacon of innovation, fostering both healthy and sustainable food, the key lies in 

cultivating & empowering the brightest minds and 

nurturing a highly qualified workforce.


30 Nov 2023

40 million employees are working in the food sector.

With excellent technical skills, but what we observe that is missing is how to bridge the silos.

A broader approach on how we think about challenges and how we solve them.

And there Entrepreneurship Skills come into play!

How do we drive societal change and impact economic growth?

We aim to ignite a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship in all learners.

Be they consumer, students, professionals or organisations. 

Our educational programmes are designed to tackle real-world challenges through hands-on learning experiences.


Do you want to discover the 8 key competencies that are required to drive change and innovation in the food system?