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Intellectual Property Management in the Food Sector

Intellectual property is your company’s lifeblood. Learn what you need to do to safeguard it

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4 weeks

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About : Discover how to manage intellectual property in the food industry

Your company’s Intellectual Property (‘IP’) is one of your greatest assets, providing a powerful competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

On this course, you’ll find out how to manage and safeguard your company’s IP. You’ll learn how to evaluate expected sources of problems, use patents and trademarks, and navigate the world of start-ups and SMEs.

You’ll also be equipped to promote best practices in IP management within your company.

Advantages :

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Identify intellectual property management in relation to food products
  • Explore the value and importance of intellectual property management in the food sector industry, especially if you are engaged in start-ups or SMEs
  • Synthesise the limitations and expected root of problems when intellectual property is poorly managed
  • Reflect on how to make wise decisions about effective intellectual property protection in local and international markets
  • Debate ways to contribute to increasing food sector growth through newly obtained intellectual property management skills
  • Assess how to engage in promoting best practices in protecting intellectual property among food managers and executives, especially those engaged in start-ups and SMEs

Structure & Modules : What are you going to learn over 4 weeks?

Week 1: Introduction

  • General welcome & course roadmap
  • Intellectual property vs real property
  • Why do governments recognize IP?
  • Sword and shield (threats and opportunities)

Week 2: Legal aspects of innovation and IP

  • Introduction to Week 2
  • Types of IP
  • Differences between types of IP
  • Protector Selector
  • Protector Selector

Week 3: IP management and strategy

  • Introduction to Week 3
  • Relationship between innovation and IP
  • Confidentiality agreements and picking partners
  • Working with universities
  • Quiz for week 3. IP Management and Strategy

Week 4: Case studies

  • Introduction to Week 4
  • Monsanto and seeds
  • Nestlé interview on IP strategy
  • PepsiCo case study
  • Maspex case study
  • Start-up case study

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