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EIT Food InfraBooster Foundation helps representatives of scientific organisations identify, specify, promote and manage research infrastructures used for science-industry collaboration.

You will take a part in the course delivered as synchronous online training, involving presentations, discussions, case studies, and individual and team assignments.

EIT Food InfraBooster Foundation is an introduction to EIT Food InfraBooster certification pathways: knowledge, skills and competencies; benefits for participants and their organisations.

The course supports you in:

  • leveraging research infrastructures (RIs) for knowledge transfer: the third mission of universities and public research institutes (going beyond teaching and research, societal contributions, knowledge transfer scenarios)
  • making money from research at scientific organisations: technology transfer, spin-offs, contract R&D, analytical services and education and the opportunities for making money from commercial access to RIs;
  • selection research infrastructures (RIs) for knowledge transfer: identifiable, relevant and competitive RIs; looking for RIs differentiators; RIs as the basis for commercial strategy.

InfraBooster Foundation is based on a case study – discussion of research focus areas a fictional university faculty (FADES), types of R&D activities and opportunities for industrial collaboration; research infrastructures – sources of uniqueness, target customers/industries that benefit from the RI, ways of making money from the RI, existing versus planned RIs.

This programme is designed for scientific institutions that own specialist laboratory equipment, research tools, software and databases that are used for research purposes and useful for potential industrial partners who would collaborate to benefit from access to the infrastructure.

Participants from: countries covered by the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme.

  • Level: TBC
  • Course duration: 2 consecutive days

  • Location: Online
  • Language: English
  • Price: Free
  • Certificate of completion

What you learn?

The successful completion of this course confirms the ability to:

  • Recognise and articulate how research infrastructures (RIs) can contribute to food systems transformation and achieving societal impacts, referring where appropriate, to the relevant opportunities for commercial uses of RIs, and using terminology commonly shared in the field of research [Food Systems];
  • Appraise and articulate the value and relevance of agri-food RIs owned by scientific organisations for industrial collaboration and revenue generation [Entrepreneurship];
  • Identify benefits, limitations and risks in opening RIs owned by scientific organisations for industrial collaboration and commercial uses [Critical thinking];
  • Apply criteria of identifiable, relevant and competitive RIs to select RIs owned by scientific organisations that could be leveraged for commercial initiatives [Critical thinking];
  • Identify, evaluate and reflect on the process of thinking and action and its consequences for the use of RIs for commercially-oriented science-industry collaboration (based on a fictional case study as well as actual examples of RIs owned by existing scientific organisations) [Critical thinking].

Structure & Modules


Participation Fees


Programme Leaders

Krzysztof Klincewicz
Krzysztof Klincewicz
Professor at the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw,
Activity Lead at EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs and EIT Food RIS Public Sector Representatives,
Mansour Esmaeil Zaei
Mansour Esmaeil Zaei
Project Coordinator,
University of Warsaw,
Piotr Nawrocki
Piotr Nawrocki
Project Coordinator,
University of Warsaw,

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