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FoodEducators related programme The Kitchen Adventure is bringing healthy and sustainable cooking skills to 10 EU countries.

FoodEducators related programme, The Kitchen Adventure project held its kick-off meeting in Budapest, bringing together the consortium of Climate Smart Elephant (HU), Bioazul (ES), Professional Forum for Education (BG), Olsztyn Food Bank (PL), Aarhus University (DK), and Parents International (NL).

12 Jun 2024

Promoting healthy and sustainable cooking skills: The Kitchen Adventure had its kick-off in Budapest

The Kitchen Adventure's mission is to bring back home cooking into fashion with fun, health and sustainability in focus.

The Kitchen Adventure is 3 year long project, funded by EIT Food, in the frame of the Proof of Concept Societal Impact Call. 

The project lasted for 6 months in 2023. The project started with a simple yet powerful idea: by blending culinary experiences, education, and family bonding, we can inspire positive behavior change that benefits both individuals and the environment.

Our mission is clear: to foster a world where cooking isn’t just a chore but an exciting adventure. We’re committed to promoting healthier dietary choices, fostering sustainability, and strengthening family bonds.

We believe that making informed choices about what we eat is key to a brighter and more sustainable future.


The methodology was tested and researched in the 1st phase of the project in 2023, bringing convincing results that such sessions are able to bring longer term attitude and even behavior changes related to eating and cooking habits

Phase 2, starting this year sees the programme expanding to 3 more implementation countries, added classroom activities and a Cookathlon contest spanning to 10 countries in 2026. 

A thorough impact assessment will be done by Aarhus University team.

The project right now is in the methodology creation phase, representatives discussed content elements, such as the new lesson plans (available from September on this website), edutainment elements of the online cooking sessions and the Cookathlon contest. 

Partners presented their draft lesson plans, discussed recruitment processes and the importance of parental engagement. 

The kick-off meeting also served as a team building activity for the whole group, which was enhanced by visiting one of the famous escape room facilities in the Hungarian capital.

The meeting set the foundation for the next stages of the project, stay tuned for more updates!

Soos viktoria th2
“The approach is to invite children and parents to online cooking classes facilitated by professional chefs via Zoom. This innovative educational experience brings together all the important stakeholders that can support establishing healthy and sustainable eating practices: schools, families and communities. ”
Viktoria Soos, FoodEducators Communication Lead