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Become an Accredited Training Provider

The EIT Food Course Catalogue only features courses and programmes that uphold the highest standards in the sector. What distinguishes these training programmes from others in the industry, is the widely recognized EIT Label that guarantees the quality of the course and credibility of the training provider.

Setting new professional standards with the EIT Label

Experts and professionals

The accreditation of the EIT Label is based on a peer review process managed by the Learning and Assessment Advisory Board. Members of the board are appointed after a careful nomination and interview process to ensure they possess the right experience and qualifications and an understanding of the demands of the competitive agrifood sector.

We also use professional organisations whose role is to oversee the learner certification process and have staff dedicated to help you manage the procedural aspects of the accreditation and certification processes.


The EIT Label upholds the highest standard within the agrifood sector. We align with international recognized guidelines and networks to define a robust accreditation process. 

The criteria for this process are drawn from diverse references, including collaborations with professional bodies, apprenticeship organisations, and academic institutions from across Europe. Starting from their experience, we’ve defined the EIT Food Competency Framework. This framework identifies the key competencies and capabilities required of our accredited programmes. 

Working together

The accreditation of professional education and training lays at the heart of our vision to professionalise the agrifood system. This is our way of acknowledging lifelong learning, benefiting both learners and employers.

For training and education providers, the EIT Label signifies excellence in teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. It showcases their contribution to its rigorous educational values. We understand the need for a practical and accessible accreditation process. That’s why we commit to collaborate closely with our training providers, to ensure that the accreditation procedures are user-friendly and do not burden providers, without compromising the quality and integrity of the programs we endorse.

Value for Training Providers

Accredited quality recognition

Receive the EIT Label as recognition of your training programmes and prove the quality of your courses within the food sector

Mark of Excellence

Demonstrate your courses are benchmarked against respected standards in the food industry

Access to the European market

Feature your courses prominently in the EIT Food education Course Catalogue

Enhance your credibility and added value

Highlight the added value and impact of your courses by showcasing your enhanced profile and credibility as an educational provider