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Core of SystemShifters in Food

Are you a leader who longs for a safe space and playground where crucial conversations and actions emerge that until now don’t take place? A place where dependencies are taken out of the equation and interdependencies are leveraged as a force for good. Leaders who want to initiate collective interventions that make transformations beyond imagination in the food system.
In a series of SystemShifters Labs, we create that space at EIT Food’s The ROOT. We will explore how we can trigger tipping points for systemic change. Together, we identify one transition in the food system we collectively want to shift. Our common ground: less ego, more eco. Yes, it starts with us, and it’s much bigger than us.
The main objectives of these sessions are:
  • To convene a group of senior leaders from all corners of the food system who see the need for a system change
  • To understand each other’s perspectives and to find a common language to talk about food system change
  • To learn how to trigger tipping points within the food system
  • To act collectively as senior leaders in the food system to make an epic shift happen
ShiftSessions are exclusive for senior leaders in the food system, including:
  • senior leaders and directors at global food company’s
  • senior leaders at NGO’s, social enterprises and scale-ups
  • full university professors
  • any senior unusual suspect with agency in the food system
  • Level: Professional education/Senior leadership development

  • Course duration: 3 times 1 day – you can join all three dates or one of them

  • Location: Online and Central in The Netherlands – venue to be announced shortly

  • Language: English
  • Price: Information under Participation Fees

Structure & Modules

The first Shift Sessions will be held on:
  • 20 September 2023, 14:00 – 17:00 hrs CEST (online because many fellow SystemShifters can’t meet-up in The Netherlands)
  • 27 October 2023, 9:00 – 16.30 hrs CEST
  • 22 November 2023, 14:00 – 20:00 hrs CET
You are welcome to attend all of the Shift Sessions because they build on each other. Or just choose one. Every Shift Session, new senior leaders will join to broaden the network within the food system.

Participation Fees

For the first online Shift Session, the fee is €250,- for corporate participants,
For participants from small businesses, social enterprises, or governments the fee is: €150

The fee for the other Shift Sessions is €500,- for corporate participants or €1250. For participants from small businesses, Social enterprises, or Governments the fee is: €300,- per session, or €750.

Career Opportunities

Broaden your network of senior leaders within the entire food system. The SystemShifters opens up new career opportunities in other parts of the food systems.

In collaboration with

In collaboration with

Rick Koster
Rick Koster
CEO and Founder of Leaderscope
Annemarie de Jong
Annemarie de Jong
CEO at Better Future
Jonathan Gosling
Jonathan Gosling
Professor in Leadership
Maarten van der Kamp
Maarten van der Kamp
Director of Education at EIT Food

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