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Course information

The course provides you with an overview of technical and organizational challenges and opportunities concerning data-driven solution for smart agriculture.

You will work together with fellow leaders, innovators and learn by applying the tools to your own reality, You will get acquainted with a multidisciplinary approach on how to work on these challenges in an integrated manner and become an expert!

This course is for farmers, entrepreneurs, technology providers, agronomists, technicians, cooperatives and students.

  • Level: EQF level 5, technician profile/professional

  • Course duration: Developed in 1,5 months

  • Location: Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain

  • Language: Local languages

  • Price: Free

What you learn?

You will learn the following competencies:

  • Food Systems:
    • Develop strategies to address current and future sustainability challenges using systems approaches
    • Design innovative responses to address sustainability challenges in the food system
  • Entrepeneurship:
    • Create opportunities for value creation
    • Mobilise resources to create sustainable value for others
    • Design and implement effective actions to deliver impact
  • Problem Solving:
    • Critically appraise the problem space to analyse the strategic implications of future choices
    • Mobilise effective co-creation methodologies to generate original and sustainable solutions that include relevant voices
  • Critical Thinking:
    • Critically analyse, interpret and report data and information to inform ethical decision making
    • Challenge existing practices and knowledge to develop sustainable alternatives
  • Leadership:
    • Appraise different strategies to deliver a food system innovation
    • Demonstrate leadership towards the implementation of a food system innovation
  • Communication:
    • Devise effective communications methods that support organisational strategies
    • Engage in two-way communication with stakeholders about their concerns
    • Adjust messaging for different audiences

Structure & Modules

Study with your peers, farmers, technology providers, with presentation of best cases from the audience. You can profit of a mentoring period, to help interested people to start using internet tools, have a look at web/phone applications in the domain of smart agriculture. You can attend also a final workshop with experiences carried out, lesson learned.

Participation Fees


Career Opportunities

You have the opportunity to self study/exploit in your farm /at your profession the Smart Agriculture Farming technologies and business models.

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