University of Hohenheim

About the university

The oldest University in Stuttgart: the University of Hohenheim is unique in its strong specialization.

Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim is not only engaged in intensive basic research but has traditionally also been committed to developing innovative solutions for some of society’s pressing problems. To do so, the University of Hohenheim engages in a combination of scientific disciplines that is unique among German universities.

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Student Advisor

Sri Dhanya Adusumilli

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About your studies at Hohenheim

About your thesis

The Master’s thesis is intended to show that the students are able to independently work on and present a limited task from a subject area within a given period of time using scientific methods. The module Master’s Thesis totals 30 ECTS. It consists of the written Master’s thesis and a presentation which is weighted with 10%. As a rule, the Master’s thesis should not be less than 60 pages. Further requirements are specified by the supervisor depending on the task. The departments permitted for the Master’s thesis are as follows: Dept. of Weed Science (360B), Dept. of Process Engineering in Plant Production (440d), Dept. of Dairy Science and Dairy Technology (150e), Dept. of Process Analytics and Cereal Science (150i), Dept. of Process Engineering and Food Powders (150c), State Plant Breeding Institute – Working Group Wheat (720), Dept. of Agricultural Engineering in the Tropics and Subtropics (440e), Dept. of Food Material Science (150g) and the Dept. of Flavor Chemistry (150h). Upon justified request, the examination committee may also permit students to select a topic from a department other than those specified above. The requirement for this is that the topic corresponds to the content of the degree program and that sufficient supervision is guaranteed.

Specific information or rules in fall/winter 2023/2024

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Useful information

Access to student services and resources

Free Internet access is available in all student dormitories and in the four computer labs on campus. These computer labs are open between 8 am and 10 pm. Students need to bring their own computer to use in their rooms. Each student will also obtain a personal Email-account. However, you must count on at least a week until your account will be activated. It will not be available right after your arrival, unless your enrollment is completed and you received your student ID and log in data.

Housing and accommodation

There are five halls of residence on the campus. Please note that there is no full board accommodation available at the University of Hohenheim. All accommodation on campus is self-catering. Rent for a single room ranges from EUR 225 to EUR 350 depending on size (generally between 12 and 15 sqm). It does not include meals or any other services (i.e. laundry, cleaning, etc.). In case you wish to be accommodated in one of our halls of residence, you have to apply online for a room as soon as possible. International non EU students have best chances to get a room for the winter semester if you apply before the 15th of July and for the summer semester before the 15th of January! Check also here for further information and useful links.


Students have to cover their own living expenses. In Germany, the standard of living is comparatively high, as are the costs of living. On estimate, a single student needs at least EUR 850 per month.


If your country does not have a social agreement with Germany that includes an insurance clause, you must be insured in Germany. Students who are younger than 30 years of age have to insure themselves with public health insurance, and those older may insure themselves with a private insurance company in Germany. Monthly prices are around EUR 80 for public insurances. We will assist you with the choice of an appropriate insurance and the paperwork involved, once you have arrived. Please also check this information:

International Office

The University’s central office and advice center for international matters provides answers to questions relating to foreign study for regular University students and possible funding of scholarships. It also coordinates numerous activities relating to scholarships and university exchange programmes, such as the European Union’s ERASMUS programme, Baden-Wuerttemberg’s state to state programmes in North America and scholarships from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Stiftung and from the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst / DAAD). In addition to this, the IA is the first drop-in center for international students and Ph.D. students from over 100 countries regarding admissions and study issues.