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Master in Food Systems FAQ for applicants2023-04-21T14:28:30+00:00

Master in Food Systems FAQ for applicants

Find below the most frequent questions on the Master in Food Systems application process. If you have a question that is not included here, do not hesitate to contact us at mfs@eitfood.eu, or attend one of our Meet the MFS events (you will find the dates on mfs-apply.eitfood.eu).

I did not submit my application before the deadline, but I see that a new intake is open. How can I submit?2023-04-14T10:01:35+00:00

If you did not submit your application before the deadline of the intake that you originally applied to, the system will not let you submit this application. However, if there is a new intake open, all you need to do is delete the study paths you added for the original intake in the section “priorities” of your application, and then re-add them for the running intake (but note that it’s possible that not all study paths are available in the new intake). The video below shows you how to do this.



Can I edit my application after I have submitted?2023-04-13T13:42:57+00:00

If the intake deadline has not passed yet, you will be able to re-open your application after you have clicked submit, and you can fill empty fields and add documents, but you will not be able to change existing entries. If you need to change entries (e. g. if they contain an error), contact mfs@eitfood.com.

In any case, we encourage you to submit your application early, and not to wait until the deadline. This makes it easier on our end, as it leaves us time to give you feedback in case something is missing, and to coordinate among the partnership to take your preferences into account.

How will my application be evaluated?2023-04-13T13:43:19+00:00

The following criteria are used for evaluating applications:

  •     Final grade of Bachelor’s degree
  •     Entrepreneurial potential
  •     Outcome of the selection interview

In the selection process, all applications are screened on the first two criteria. The best candidates are invited for interviews. All three criteria are then used to determine the top candidates, who will receive an offer for enrolment in one of the paths indicated as a preference. Depending on availability of places, the consortium may offer alternative choices based on the preferences given.

What is the interview about and how is it conducted?2023-04-13T16:03:36+00:00

The goal of the selection interview is to assess your fit with the programme. Every invited candidate will be evaluated on their knowledge in relation to the food system, a deeper exploration of their entrepreneurial potential, and their English communicative competence. The interview is conducted online through an online meeting tool (e. g. Zoom).

Entrepreneurial potential  

The aspects below are important indicators of entrepreneurial potential:  

  • Creativity: solving problems in creative ways 
  • Resilience: staying focused and resilient under pressure, adversity, and temporary failure  
  • Ambiguity: making decisions when the result is uncertain, the information available is partial or ambiguous, or when there is a risk of unintended outcomes
  • Think critically: assessing the consequences of entrepreneurial ideas and action in terms of value, as well as the effect on the target community, the market, society and the environment 

In the application form, you are asked to give personal examples for each. The interviewers will seek to discuss your examples, ask follow-up questions and challenge you on your responses.

Food System knowledge

The interviewer will ask a number of questions relevant to the food system. In your responses, it can be a good idea to link back to your own field of expertise, but you should always try to include a perspective on the food system as a whole, and how it is linked to markets, individuals and society, and ecology.

Technical preparation

Please ensure that your computer setup (microphone, internet connection, camera, meeting software) is up to the task and configured correctly. Test your setup prior to the meeting, e. g. by visiting https://zoom.us/test and check both the audio and video settings. If you are using a mobile device, make sure you select a suitable location (avoid environments with background noise, distractions, traffic etc.).

How do I apply for a scholarship?2023-04-13T16:07:28+00:00

You do not need to apply separately for a scholarship. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, as determined by your score in the application process.

See the page “Scholarship” for info on the different levels of scholarships available.

Is the participation fee different for different study paths?2023-04-13T15:39:26+00:00

No, the participation fee is in principle the same regardless of your study path. However, there are two participation fee levels, and the level that applies to you depends on your citizenship, and whether you would be considered an “international” student at your prospective home university (the first university in a study path). See the table below.

Your Citizenship Home university Participation fee level (per academic year)
EU/EEA EU/EEA 9.000€
EU/EEA UK 18.000€
non-EU/EEA EU/EEA 18.000€
non-EU/EEA UK 18.000€
UK UK 9.000€
UK EU/EEA 18.000€

Note that EIT Food offers various fee waiver scholarships – find more info here.

Which study paths I should select in my application?2023-04-13T16:06:35+00:00

We’ve identified a number of focus areas that specifically address food system challenges. All study paths are categorized to allow study with a focus on at least one of those areas by combining expertise from three different partner universities – the “home university” and two other universities where students spend their 2nd and 3rd semester. Select paths in the focus area that best matches your area of interest. For a comparison of the options in different paths, use our path advisory tool (here).

In your application, we advise you to select your preferred path and at least 2 alternatives (ranked from 1st preference to descending preferences). We will try to make you the best possible study offer in relation to this list, depending on the availability of places in each path and your applicant score.

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