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Global surface temperatures have warmed 1.1°C since pre-industrial times due to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Climate change is already leading to water scarcity, food shortages and price spikes, severe impacts on farming and fishing, and mass species extinctions. The UNEP Emissions Gap report 2022 stated that about a third of climate-heating emissions came from the global food system, and these were set to double by 2050. “Current pledges for action by 2030, if delivered in full, would mean a rise in global heating of about 2.5C and catastrophic extreme weather worldwide.”


Developing the right execution capabilities and leadership skills

The ACT>NOW programme is a one-of-a-kind impact accelerator & leadership programme for AgriFood businesses to build the capabilities required to address their company’s Scope 3 sustainability challenges in a collaborative and systemic way.

Challenged-based learning for driving direct impact

The participants develop and launch sustainability initiatives around Scope 3 emission reductions during the programme that should go beyond incremental change while minimising time-to-impact. The aim is to create a proof-of-concept that drives broader support within the company and among value chain partners for scaling up emission reductions.

Designed for AgriFood companies, Customisable for challenge-specific needs

The programme is developed explicitly for AgriFood companies covering thematic focus areas with the highest potential for substantial emission reductions, systemic change and, ultimately, the transformation of the company’s business practices. The aim of the ACT>NOW is to collect the sustainability transformation cases of participants and collaborators in an annual “Report” to promote best practices for reducing Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Largest AgriFood community X insights from a leading university X best practices from sustainability practitioners

Europe’s leading food innovation initiative EIT Food has partnered with DevelopMinded, a top-tier impact-oriented strategic advisory firm, and Cambridge University, a leader in entrepreneurship and sustainability education & research. Together they have developed the ACT>NOW programme to support companies in taking action on Scope 3 GHG emission reductions. The programme is a hybrid format with online and physical modules and synchronous and asynchronous elements. The partnership between EIT Food, Cambridge University and DevelopMinded gives the participants access to the most relevant trainers, speakers, and their extensive network of experts and partners.


Increase resilience – Decrease your climate risk exposure

Net-zero in Scope 3 implies fundamental changes in the way your business operates. You need to assess and understand the potential risk implications stemming from customer and shareholder demands & regulatory push, funding requirements, legal liabilities, operational risks etc. The ACT>NOW programme accelerates targeted action to reduce your Scope 3 GHG emissions, which represent the most immediate danger to the planet, and are among the easiest of ESG items to measure and target reliably.

Future-proof your company – Ensure long-term business viability

Climate change brings with it disruption to your company’s value chains and market dynamics which results in a decrease in growth. Those businesses that have not adapted to working within planetary boundaries will lose out eventually, with more agile competitors taking over. ACT>NOW sets your company up to take the market lead and become a disruptor instead of a disruptee.

Seize the opportunity – Act now and become a frontrunner

Whether you are a large company that has already several sustainability initiatives launched or a Mid-Cap that is considering launching its first one, the Scope 3 emission reduction challenge is crucial to create systemic change. ACT>NOW challenge-based and impact-oriented approach enables your company to address Scope 3 emissions alongside other initiatives. Moving forward, your company needs to leapfrog towards becoming net zero.

Read on to learn more about the ACT>NOW programme, or contact us directly via to learn more about how we enable your company to become a frontrunner.

  • Level: Professional

  • Course duration: Between 100 and 200 days

  • Language: English
  • Customized Programme

  • Certificate of completion

What you learn?

    • You will learn the following competencies:
      • Food Systems:
        • Develop strategies to address current and future sustainability challenges using systems approaches
        • Design innovative responses to address sustainability challenges in the food system
      • Problem Solving:
        • Critically appraise the problem space to analyse the strategic implications of future choices
        • Mobilise effective co-creation methodologies to generate original and sustainable solutions that include relevant voices
      • Critical Thinking:
        • Critically analyse, interpret and report data and information to inform ethical decision making
        • Challenge existing practices and knowledge to develop sustainable alternatives
      • Leadership:
        • Educate, influence, persuade and challenge others to lead and promote food system transformation
        • Create a vision for strategic change of the food system
      • Communication:
        • Identify, engage with and respond to stakeholder needs
        • Develop strategies to deliver effective communications approaches
        • Translate complex ideas for different audiences
      • Data Management:
        • Appraise the efficacy of different digital tools and sensing methods to acquire, manage and manipulate data
        • Devise effective data management protocols
        • Implement adequate data security measures

Structure and Modules

The base programme consists of three sprints of 7 sessions per sprint, culminating in 2 impact evaluation days over 150 to 200 days. The time commitment next to participation in all programme sessions varies between 20 and 40 hours per week, depending on the selected sustainability initiative.

Participation Fees

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