The goal of the selection interview is to assess your fit with the programme. Every invited candidate will be evaluated on their knowledge in relation to the food system, a deeper exploration of their entrepreneurial potential, and their English communicative competence. The interview is conducted online through an online meeting tool (e. g. Zoom).

Entrepreneurial potential  

The aspects below are important indicators of entrepreneurial potential:  

  • Creativity: solving problems in creative ways 
  • Resilience: staying focused and resilient under pressure, adversity, and temporary failure  
  • Ambiguity: making decisions when the result is uncertain, the information available is partial or ambiguous, or when there is a risk of unintended outcomes
  • Think critically: assessing the consequences of entrepreneurial ideas and action in terms of value, as well as the effect on the target community, the market, society and the environment 

In the application form, you are asked to give personal examples for each. The interviewers will seek to discuss your examples, ask follow-up questions and challenge you on your responses.

Food System knowledge

The interviewer will ask a number of questions relevant to the food system. In your responses, it can be a good idea to link back to your own field of expertise, but you should always try to include a perspective on the food system as a whole, and how it is linked to markets, individuals and society, and ecology.

Technical preparation

Please ensure that your computer setup (microphone, internet connection, camera, meeting software) is up to the task and configured correctly. Test your setup prior to the meeting, e. g. by visiting and check both the audio and video settings. If you are using a mobile device, make sure you select a suitable location (avoid environments with background noise, distractions, traffic etc.).