What are the advantages?

Within the agrifood sector learning tends occur through short-term learning experiences and lifelong learning takes place in the workplace setting.

For employees and job seekers it is often challenging to prove development in innovation and entrepreneurship skills during this career progression especially when gained through informal or non-formal learning pathways.

The explicit articulation innovation, entrepreneurship and deep tech skills with the EIT Food Competency Framework enables skills to be evidenced which are typically difficult to describe. Having a platform from which to demonstrate these advances enhances a learner’s employability and allows for a recognition of a career in innovation.

Responding to the EU’s micro-credential framework to allow recognition of short-term learning experiences, the EIT Food Learning Services course catalogue offers the learner over 50 courses, including 25 OOCs (Open Online Courses), providing a learner-centred, flexible , targeted way to help people develop the competencies they need for their personal and professional advancement.

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The explicit focus on innovation skills in the context of global food system challenges means that efforts by employers, organisations and professional bodies to support a transition to a sustainable food system and explicitly recognise, and therefore foster a more transparent labour market.

Industrial players typically resort to buying in training from a range of providers while professional bodies support the professionalisation of innovation, but typically lack the scope to develop their own frameworks. HR practices do not have the tools to recognise innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

The EIT Food Learning Services and the EIT Food Competency Framework will enable the support of career planning for employees, enhance the provision of relevant trainings, and strengthen employee retention an progression pathways and HR practitioners will be able to use EIT Food Accredited course and EIT Food Assessment certifications of advancement as indicators for talent when recruiting.

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  • To try out our demo course which shows how you can gain an independent certificate of attainment with EIT Food Assessment please Click Here

The EIT Food Competency Framework and accreditation mechanism comes with clear requirements for quality assurance (QA) in teaching and learning (T&L).

Through the oversight of our independent Learning & Assessment Advisory Board, the accreditation is a peer reviewed process founded on the judgement of professional practitioners within the agrifood system, education, training, entrepreneurship, innovation and learners.

Accreditation by EIT Food Learning Series will enhance the quality assurance of providers’ courses resulting in a professionalisation of training provisions and more robust offerings across the sector providing a credible and independently verifiable method for employers and earners to differentiate between education and training programmes.

As  provider of an EIT Food Learning Services Accredited course you can add value to your education offering because:

  • Learners completing your courses will be eligible for independent certification by examination with EIT Food Assessment
  • The EIT Food Quality Mark of Excellence will allow you to provide assurance and confidence of the quality of your education and training programmes to your collaborators
  • The EIT Food Quality Mark of Excellence will allow you to promote trust and transparency with your stakeholders
  • You can use the EIT Food Quality Mark of Excellence in teaching and learning in your marketing to potential learners and businesses
  • You can stand out from local and international competitors by using your EIT Food accredited training provider status in your messaging
  • You can use EIT Food’s internationally recognised and respected quality assurance standards to support your organisation’s management and leadership
  • You will have access to the EIT Food network of partners, learners and organisations to increase your market reach
  • EIT Food certificates attest to objectively proven competence, relevant, innovative practical knowledge, and practical experience in the respective areas of continuing education. Certification of individuals provides further training providers with objective proof of the competencies imparted and thus confirmation of the quality of their teaching